Everything about betting on Dignitas

Dignitas is a famous esport team established in 2003. The team is one of the most renowned and recognizable companies in the proficient gaming business. They have some of the largest and most popular esports teams. For partners searching for a direct gateway into the gaming and esports markets, Dignitas' unique and distinctive brand position gives a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Dignitas was purchased by the Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA in September 2016.

The Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment family of creative and successful enterprises that support Dignitas includes the New Jersey Devils of the NHL and the Prudential Center, a multi-purpose facility in Newark, N.J. Managing Partners Josh Harris and David Blitzer run an investor group that owns all of these. Dignitas created New Meta Entertainment (NME), a digital sports and entertainment firm operating in three key verticals. These three sectors in operation are esports teams, investments, content, and marketing. The firm was created in September 2019 and Michael Prindiville is the group’s CEO.

Everything about betting on Dignitas
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Dignitas players

The League of Legends division is quite talented. The players in the five-man roster are Dongwoo ‘River’ Kim (South Korean), Ersin Gören alias Blue (Belgium), Toàn ‘Neo’ Trần (Vietnam), and Vincent ‘biofrost’ Wang (Canadian). Dignitas also has a League of Legends academy division. There are six members: Trevor ‘Spawn’ Kerr-Taylor and Isaac ‘Darkwings’ Chou, Yujie ‘Eclipse’ Wu Lawrence ‘eXyu’ Lin Xu, Juan ‘JayJ’ Guibert, and Mervin-Angelo Lachica alias Dayos. Eclipse is the only American on the team. The rest are Canadians.

Dignitas’ CS: GO division has six players. Five of the players are Swedish, including Adam ‘friberg’ Friberg (Sweden) and Faruk ‘Pita’ Pita. Other players are Ludvig Alonso alias HEAP (Sweden), Patrik ‘f0rest’ Lindberg (Sweden) and Jonas ‘Lekr0’ Olofsson (Sweden). Only Håkon ‘hallzerk’ Fjærli is from Norway.

Other players

Only three players represent Dignitas in Fortnite competitions. These are Matthew ‘Mero’ Faitel (United States), Piero Ramirez alias Pgod (Peru), and Lucas Cardenas alias Dukez (Mexico).
Juliana Maransaldi's alias ‘showliana’ (Brazil) and Amanda ‘rain’ Smith (Canadian) are among the five-member Valorant Female division. The other three American players are Emmalee ‘EMUHLEET’ Garrido, Melisa ‘their’ Mundorff, and Stefanie ‘Stefanie’ Jones.

The Rocket League division has four players, including Jack ‘ApparentlyJack’ Benton (England) and Joris ‘Joreuz’ Robben (Dutch). The other two are Kyle ‘Scrub Killa’ Robertson (Scotland) and Boston Scott alias Boston (USA).

Dignitas’s strongest games

The team has a strong competitive track record. Dignitas has won several competitions and competitions in which they've competed. After entering the esports scene, fans and other international organizations rapidly acknowledged Dignitas' abilities. Over the years, the group has done a lot. The Counter-Strike and Rocket League rosters have been the team's most popular and powerful of any game. Thus fans can expect fantastic results from these teams.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The team entered Counter-Strike in October 2004 after signing Darkie, Equx, Intact, Syl, and Zenon. Later in December, Syl and Darkie were replaced by RaZiel and GoldPush. Dignitas did not enjoy much success until years later. The team has had mixed results over the years. The first major win was at ESL Pro Series Germany Season IX -Finals, an offline B-Tier tournament.

The team did not have another major win until CGS 2007: UK Combine, an offline A-Tier tournament. Despite these wins, the team did not have a major prize money win until the ESL Major Series One Katowice 2014. The team defeated a stronger Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-0 to win $22,000 prize money. After that, the team established itself as one of the top esports teams.

Their first major win was at RLCS Season 5 -Finals, an S-Tier tournament. They defeated NRG Esports in a tightly contested final, winning 4:3. Dignitas Rocket League division has won over $700,000 and is among the top names in the game.

Rocket League

The division was established in January 2018 after Dignitas acquired Applesauce. Zol, Turtle, and Chicago. But in May, Dignitas acquired the entire roster of Gale Force eSports. Turtle, zol, and Chicago moved to the inactive roster. The team’s roster has undergone massive changes and is among the game's famous esport teams.

Dignitas Esport’s awards and results


Team Dignitas Counter strike division has earned over $1,000,000 in prize money throughout various tournaments. Dignitas won EPICENTER 2016, WESG 2016 European Finals, and DreamHack European Minor at Tours 2016. At these three tournaments, the team earned $250,000, $29,960 and $30,000 respectively. TeamDignitas also won CS: GO Champions League Season 2, defeating HellRaisers to earn $25,000.

Dignitas finished sixth at Esports Championship Series Season 2-Finals and fifth at ELEAGUE Season 2. The team earned $45,000 and $50,000 as prize money at the two tournaments. Unfortunately, Dignitas lost to Team EnVyUs at Global eSports Cup Season 1 but earned $50,000.

Rocket League

The division has had commendable success in Rocket League tournaments. They won RLCS 2021-22- Fall: EU Regional Event 2- BMW Rocket League Open and RLCS Season 9 -Europe. They received $30,000 and $96,397, respectively, in prize money.

Team Dignitas also won DreamHack Pro Circuit: Leipzig 2019, RLCS Season 6-Europe, Northern Arena: Rocket League Invitational 2, and RLCS Season 5 -Finals. By winning these tournaments, Team Dignitas earned $50,000, $38,531, $15,000 and $100,000 respectively.

One of their biggest win in terms of prize money was at RLCS Season 6 -Finals. Despite losing 4-1 to Cloud9 in the finals, Dignitas earned $120,000.

League of Legends

The LoL division has not had much recent success. The team finished fourth in NA LCS Summer 2017, earning $20,000. Team Dignitas lost to Team SoloMid at Season 2 Regional Finals- North America 2012 but earned $30,000. Dignitas also earned $20,000 for finishing runners-up in IEM Season VI -World Championship in 2012. At Season 2 World Championship 2012, Team Dignitas finished at position 12 but earned $25,000.


The female division has won three tournaments. Team Dignitas defeated TSM X at Missharvey Invitational 2021 and also defeated AIMPUNCH at the final of Fly High Invitational. Dignitas finished third at VCT 2022: Game Changers North America Series 1, losing 2-1 to Shopify Rebellion.
The main division had less success before its disbandment in 2020. They finished fourth at Pop Flash 2010 and second at Pittsburgh Knights Before Christmas-2020.

Where and how to bet on Dignitas Esports?

Individuals interested in Dignitas matches can find unique betting options at each esport betting site, ensuring distinct betting experiences, especially in varied championships. Bettors should feel comfortable betting on Dignitas Esports because their teams feature highly-skilled players.

The greatest esports betting platforms for betting on the team are GGBet Rivalry, ArcaneBet, and Betway. The team is a wonderful choice for those who want to gamble while playing CS: GO or Rocket League. They're recognized as one of the best Counter-Strike teams in the world, and they'll easily defeat even the most formidable opponents. Bets on games outright and match-winners have a strong possibility of winning for beginners.

Strategies to bet on Dignitas Esports

Other teams are a little more dangerous, mainly because they can't seem to get their footing. Match-winner wagers should only be utilized when a team is playing against a lesser or equal opponent, whereas outright bets are excellent for minor competitions.

Punters can learn more about the Dignitas Esports teams by watching feeds and previous matches. It is exciting to watch them go to The International finals, and it also provides individuals with a wealth of knowledge on the Dignitas team. The most crucial thing for punters to do before placing any wagers is to conduct their homework. Rocket League and Counter-Strike are, on the other hand, reasonably safe choices.

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