Overwatch eSports Betting

Overwatch is a popular video game that was released on May 3, 2016. Blizzard Entertainment and Iron Galaxy developed this shooting game. This game can be played on platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch. Overwatch eSports is a first-person shooter game that gives room for multiplayer options. This eSports game assigns players into two teams, each having six players.

First, players are required to select their characters from a large pool. These characters are referred to as heroes and have unique capabilities. The challenge here is to use the limited time to complete the specified objectives in the map. The only charge you will encounter in the game is purchasing optional cosmetic items.

Notable names involved in the existence of Overwatch

Notable names involved in the existence of Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment has received the most credit for being the developer and publisher of Overwatch though many people have had great contributions to the game. The designers behind Overwatch's success include Jeremy Craig, Michael Elliott, and Scott Mercer.

Other notable mentions include Derek Duke, the composer, while Michael Chu and Alyssa Wong were writers. It is also worth pointing out that Mike Elliott and John LeFleur did a great job in the programming department. Jeff Kaplan, Chris Metzen, and Aaron Keller also directed this Multiplayer game.

This team has ensured that there is a continuation of this game by releasing Overwatch 2. It is a sequel to the initial release. It was announced in 2019. The game upgrades the initial project with new heroes, advanced game modes, and new maps. They announced that the game would sell as a separate title, including a new player versus environment.

Notable names involved in the existence of Overwatch
Betting on Overwatch

Betting on Overwatch

The game has earned some prestigious awards since its launch. These include the British Academy Games Award for Multiplayer in 2017, The Game Award for Game of the Year in 2016, The Game Award for Best Esports Game in 2018, the BAFTA Games Award for Evolving Game in 2018, and the Teen Choice Award for Choice Video Game.

Betting on Overwatch is easy, even for first-time gamers. Better yet, this game is easily accessible and has direct betting markets. Several top eSports betting platforms cover Overwatch gambling. However, the main games you will find on popular sites include the Overwatch League and World Cup matches. Players are assured of world-class betting services and generous promotions and bonuses.

Some betting sites covering Overwatch eSports events include BetOnline, BetWay, 888 Sport, William Hill, ArcaneBet, Leo Vegas, Betsson, Bwin, Nitrogen, and Bet365. Once you log in to your betting account, you should locate the eSports section to find OW. Some markets you will find in this section are the match-winner, handicap, and outright winner.

A match-winner is a straightforward market where you bet on the outright winning team. The wording can vary on different sites and can be confusing for new gamblers. In some, you will find 'head-to-head' whereas in others use the term 'Moneyline,' but the term 'match-winner is most common.

In handicap, you bet on whether the side with handicap advantage or disadvantage wins the match. However, this market is not offered by most sportsbooks. The outright winner is a betting situation where you place a bet on the potential winner in tournaments. The market does not focus on single matches.

Betting on Overwatch
Big Overwatch players

Big Overwatch players

There are several eSport gamers around the world participating in different events. Ranking these athletes can be in terms of tournaments, and leagues won and also prize money earned. Some big names include;

  • Faker: This is a 25-year old South Korean player for T1 who competes in a professional League of Legends. Faker has played for his team since 2013 as a mid-laner and is considered as the all-time best League of Legends player. He has also expressed interest in playing Overwatch, where he would be a great bet too.
  • Super: Officially known as Matthew De Lisi, this youngster is causing waves in the OW industry. He is versatile and yet super with specific characters. Notably, super has been the Overwatch League Champion twice. He has also been a Stage 2 Winner, World Cup Champion, Role Star, May Melee Tournament winner, and runner-up MVP. Just recently, he bagged $1.5 million in the Overwatch League grand finals while representing San Francisco Shock, a big team in this game's circles.
  • Gesture: A seasoned player who has competed since 2017. He has played for the London Spitfire team and has had grand wins such as the Overwatch League Season Playoffs and APC Premier in 2017. He also came second in the 2020 Overwatch League Grand finals and took home $ 750,000.

Why do players love Overwatch?

Players love eSports due to the ease of access and convenience of playing. The same applies to Overwatch. Being a pro Overwatch player can be a good career path with a good source of income. Also, you can get yourself good scholarship opportunities in top colleges that have Overwatch teams.

Colleges with OW teams include Maryville University, Akron University, Northwood University, and Harrisburg University, among many others. Different colleges have scholarship programs at different times, so it is good to be on the lookout.

Engaging in eSport activities is beneficial to your health, specifically in improving your brain function.

Big Overwatch players
How to play Overwatch

How to play Overwatch

Playing Overwatch is quite similar to other eSports. First, you need to pick your preferred game. The next step is to pick a platform that will give you a good gaming experience.

Study the game and all aspects involved. You can rely on YouTube tutorials and Twitch streams to learn from the best. If possible, you might consider hiring an experienced coach to better your skills.

You might also consider acquiring or upgrading your gaming gear to enhance your competitive edge. Once you have met these requirements, you can start or join a team and participate in tournaments.

Overwatch biggest contributors

Many people have had great contributions to eSports. Some have helped design the games, and others have started and owned the teams. It wort noting that Overwatch pro player have also had a significant influence of the game's standing today.

Some legendary team owners include Jack Etienne, who founded of Cloud9. Cloud9 is known to nurture players and has some of the best names due to its player-friendly environment. Matthew is another highly recognized personality in the eSport industry, having co-owned the 100 Thieves. He is also a former professional player of the Call of Duty.

How to play Overwatch
Is there an Overwatch championship?

Is there an Overwatch championship?

Yes, there is an Overwatch World Cup every year, called Overwatch League. Blizzard Entertainment, which is the game's developing company, is behind this annual competition. This international event attracts teams from around the globe. This competition was inaugurated in 2016.

Since its inception, South Korea has had the most titles, with three as of 2021. In 2016, this eSports event featured 16 participants, 32 in 2017, 24 in 2018, and 10 in 2019. This international event has been hosted in the United States, Australia, China, Poland, Thailand, and South Korea.

Over the years, Overwatch has partnered with some renowned broadcasting platforms to enhance its global reach. One popular channel is the Twitch platform that has many live stream channels. Overwatch has also partnered with Disney to ensure it grows its fan base globally. The Languages used in the live stream broadcasts are English, Korean, Russian, French, Japanese, German, Chinese, and Thai to meet the needs of different fans.

The tournament has had different formats over the years. In the recent edition, a preliminary stage was used to determine the teams that qualified for the group stages. The top five ranked teams have direct qualifications to the group stages.

What is an eSports World Cup?

An eSport World Cup is a professional competition involving electronics sports. Being a global tournament, the sport attracts top-ranked teams globally, consequently having a huge fan base. Many World Cup tournaments are held for different eSports.

Some of these international tournaments have several sporting activities confined to a single edition. For example, the Electronic eSports World Convention (ESWC) hosts games such as Call of Duty and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Others, such as the Overwatch World Cup feature a single eSports event

Top ranked countries in the OW eSports field

Countries known to be actively involved in Overwatch eSports include the United States, Germany, Russia, South Korea, and China. As expected, rankings are given by analyzing the number of competitive players a country has. As of 2020, eSports statistics showed that the US had over 4,300 active pro teams. Germany followed with 973, South Korea with 890, and Brazil with 852.

In the Overwatch World Cup, South Korea tops the list with three titles, while the USA has one and are currently the world champions

Is there an Overwatch championship?
Overwatch eSports World Cup betting

Overwatch eSports World Cup betting

Just like betting in sports, betting on online Overwatch esports tournaments is about luck. Several top sportsbooks cover Overwatch World Cup events. There are many markets available for Overwatch eSports events.

Because of much uncertainty in the eSports field, betting odds are not offered until the event draws close. Markets you will find in most of the leading esports betting sites include:

  • The head-to-head winner.
  • The ultimate winner in the tournament.
  • The leading scorer.

When betting online on these OW events, always bear in mind that losing is a possibility. For this reason, most betting houses always caution players to bet responsibly. Whenever you encounter challenges in eSports betting, you should go through the site's FAQs and get the contacts of contact customer support for help. Alternatively, you can contact their chat customer support and get a solution.

Overwatch eSports World Cup betting
Betting on Overwatch at providers

Betting on Overwatch at providers

OW events are increasingly becoming a lucrative market for eSports fans. However, Overwatch punters are encouraged to play at licensed and registered casinos. Several esports bookie providers cover Overwatch betting options. These providers include 888 Casino, Spinamba, and Bet Master.

Beginners in online esports betting should be equipped with some basic tips to ensure they stand a chance of winning their wagers. These essential tips include: Know the game. When starting to bet on Overwatch, you should ensure you have some basic knowledge of the game. With a better understanding, you have the upper hand to win.

Another thing to seek is information about the markets on eSports betting apps. Different providers have different markets. Some are the same, but the difference comes in branding. Ensure you know the markets well before engaging in anything.

Know the team involved and the players in each. This is necessary because you will find markets involving individual players. In conclusion, make sure you have good management of your gambling funds. Wager with what you can afford to lose for a smooth betting experience with Overwatch.

Betting on Overwatch at providers
Notable Overwatch teams today

Notable Overwatch teams today

Shanghai Dragon

This is a Chinese Professional Overwatch team. The team was founded in 2017, and it participates in the Overwatch League, which comprises teams from China, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and the USA. Shanghai Dragons are the most recent league champions under Moon Byung-Chul, who is their current coach.

Atlanta Reign

This is a professional Overwatch esports side from Atlanta, Georgia. This team was founded in 2018 and competes in the Overwatch League. It is owned by Atlanta Esports Ventures and is a member of the league's West Region. Currently, they are managed by Brad Sajani and are sponsored by Cox Communications. Brad has led the team to three straight playoffs and one final in 2021, where they finished in runners-up position.

Dallas Fuel

This is another notable Overwatch team that was founded on February 3, 2016. It started as Team EnVyUs before it was rebranded to Dallas Fuel in 2017. The team is co-owned by Mike Rufail and Kenneth Hersh. It participates in the Overwatch League and uses the Esports Stadium Arlington. It is worth noting that Envy Gaming is their parent group, and Yun Hee-won is the head coach. Jack in the Box, an American fast-food restaurant, sponsors their activities.

Los Angeles Gladiators

This American Overwatch eSports team is based in California. They take part in the Overwatch League being a member from the West region of the league. This esports team is co-owned by Stan and Josh Kroenke, who own the Kroenke Sports & Entertainment. The team has been in action since 2017, and they have managed to reach the season's playoffs on four occasions under their first coach, David Pei.

New York Excelsior

This is a top Overwatch professional team owned by Jeff Wilpon. The team's history dates back to 2017, when it was founded and began to compete in the Overwatch League. The team from the Eastern region of the league is sponsored by T-Mobile and they use black, blue, and Red as their official colors.

Seoul Dynasty

This Overwatch esports team hails from South Korea. The team was founded in 2017 and is sponsored by Net Gear. Their most successful coach was Dong-gun, who guided them to a first-season playoff appearance.

Notable Overwatch teams today
Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


  • Compatible with multiple playing devices and platforms
  • It is loved by betting houses
  • Promises great competition with generous awards
  • Great visual processing. Overwatch helps a player improve their visual abilities.
  • Improves visual and hand coordination. Engaging in Overwatch will make your arms work together in harmony since you process what you see and execute with hands.
  • Players develop their problem-solving abilities.
  • Gamers tend to develop an interest in science, engineering, mathematics, and technology subjects.
  • Engaging in Overwatch helps you connect with other players contributing to your social life.


  • Players risk developing gaming disorders. Excessive involvement in eSport betting is addictive. This can be harmful, especially in an unregulated environment where children may be involved.
  • Competitors in advanced levels may engage in the use of performance-enhancing drugs that have serious side effects.
  • Could expose players to visual problems. Prolonged hours on the screen could be harmful to your eyesight.
  • These cons are not unique to Overwatch gaming but come from general eSports gaming or gambling.
Pros and Cons
Overwatch betting odds

Overwatch betting odds

Being a new eSports, Overwatch has garnered many fans and has made its way in the betting scene. Esport betting apps have offered users many betting options. They include moneyline, totals, and Spreads. Below are the details of the above esports odds:

Moneyline Bets

This simple betting option requires you to predict a match-winner. The Overwatch betting odds in a moneyline bet are displayed in American odds. They are in the form of numbers that have either a negative or a positive sign. The team with a negative odd has a high chance of winning the game while the underdogs have a positive odd.


These are odds whose focus is on the points earned in a game. The result here is not of much importance. Overwatch bet has spreads for maps, and each team can either get a positive or negative handicap. A positive handicap means a team can start 1.5 or 2.5 maps ahead, meaning you need a single win or two maps to win a bet.


These bets cover the overall number of things. The Overwatch esports betting website sets a number that you can bet over or under. If you bet on an outcome of over 3.5 maps, any outcome above this total is favorable.

Overwatch betting odds
Betting tricks and tips

Betting tricks and tips

Know your heroes

Overwatch is a shooter game that involves players picking heroes to play. Heroes have unique strengths and equally have weaknesses. To have a good esports betting experience in this game, make a point of understanding different characters. With knowledge, you will make a sound decision on which team to place your money on.

Understand different betting sites

You should visit different betting platforms offering Overwatch bookies and evaluate their services. Be keen to note the variation in odds and markets available. Find the best platform before placing a bet. Also, never be comfortable with a single betting platform; always look for changes and updates to find those that suit you.

Be part of the game

You can be actively part of the game by watching or playing. This way, you will learn some basics of the game that will help you in betting online. You can weigh and see the favorites in the game and decide which one is most suitable.

Understand the odds

This is a basic requirement when engaging in eSports wagering. Understand how the odds and numbers in Overwatch work. Gambling blindly usually results in losses.

Betting tricks and tips