List of 10 eSports Betting Sites with Free Bets

Welcome to eSports Ranker, your trusted source for expert advice on online eSports betting sites in Nigeria. We specialize in providing comprehensive reviews of the best eSports betting sites, including their bonuses. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to the world of free bets. Free bets are a common type of bonus offered by many eSports betting sites in Nigeria, allowing you to place a bet without risking any of your own Naira. As seasoned online eSports bettors, we understand the importance of finding the best bonuses to maximize your winnings. That's why we've compiled a list of the top eSports betting sites offering free bets in Nigeria. Visit our toplist and start betting with confidence today!

List of 10 eSports Betting Sites with Free Bets
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How We Rate and Rank eSports Betting Sites with Free Bets

At eSports Ranker, our team of experts has years of experience in rating and ranking online eSports betting sites. We take a thorough approach to evaluate each site's bonuses, including the Free Bets bonus. Our team analyzes several factors to ensure that we only recommend the best sites to our Naija readers.

Rollover Requirements

One of the most crucial factors we consider when assessing Free Bets bonuses is the rollover requirements. This refers to the number of times a punter must stake the bonus amount before they can cash out any winnings. We look for platforms that offer reasonable rollover requirements, typically between 5x and 10x, akin to the odds in a game of Ayo or Draughts.

Minimum Bet Slip Odds

Another crucial factor we consider is the minimum odds required for the bet slip. We look for platforms that offer fair minimum odds, typically between 1.5 and 2.0. This ensures that punters have a reasonable chance of winning their stakes and meeting the rollover requirements.

Time Restrictions

We also evaluate the time restrictions associated with Free Bets bonuses. This refers to the amount of time a punter has to use the bonus before it expires. We look for sites that offer reasonable time restrictions, typically between 7 and 30 days, akin to the time it takes to travel from Lagos to Abuja and back.

Single or Multiples

Free Bets bonuses can be offered for single bets or multiples. We evaluate which type of bets the bonus applies to and whether it offers flexibility for players. We look for sites that offer Free Bets bonuses for both single and multiple bets, just like how you would find in a local 'Baba Ijebu' betting shop or on NairaBet.

Max Bonus Winnings

We evaluate the maximum winnings that a player can earn from a Free Bets bonus. We look for sites that offer reasonable maximum winnings, usually between ₦40,000 and ₦200,000.

Types of Eligible Markets

We also evaluate the types of eligible markets that Free Bets bonuses apply to. We look for sites that offer a wide range of markets, including popular eSports games like FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer.

Max Stake Percentage

Lastly, we assess the maximum stake percentage that applies to Free Bets bonuses. This refers to the percentage of the bet that can be placed using the bonus amount. We look for platforms that offer reasonable maximum stake percentages, usually between 10% and 25%.


What is a Free Bets Bonus?

A Free Bets bonus is an exciting offer that lets punters engage in betting without staking their own money. Typically, this bonus is awarded to punters after they've made their initial deposit on the online gaming platform. Once the deposit is made, a designated bonus amount is credited to the punter's account, giving them the opportunity to place bets on eligible games and markets without dipping into their personal funds.

The appeal of a Free Bets bonus lies in its risk-free nature, similar to receiving complimentary betting tokens that provide a taste of the betting action without the financial commitment. If luck is on your side and your bets turn out to be winners, the resulting winnings are yours to keep, subject to the bonus terms and conditions.

However, it's crucial to bear in mind that Free Bets bonuses come with their own set of rules and requirements. These conditions often encompass minimum odds for qualifying bets, specific wagering prerequisites, and occasionally limitations on the types of bets allowed. As a result, while the prospect of no-risk betting is undeniably enticing, it's essential for punters to familiarize themselves with the bonus terms to ensure they can make the most of this opportunity to transform free bets into real, withdrawable winnings.

Free bets bonus is a popular type of bonus offered by eSports bookmakers. It allows punters to place bets without risking their own money. There are different types of free bets bonuses, including no deposit free bets, matched free bets, and risk-free bets.

No Deposit Free Bets

No deposit free bets are bonuses that do not require punters to deposit any Naira to claim them. They are usually small amounts, ranging from ₦2,000 to ₦8,000, and are meant to give punters a taste of the bookmaker's offerings. No deposit free bets usually come with strict terms and conditions, including wagering requirements and maximum winnings limits.

Matched Free Bets

Matched free bets are bonuses that match a punter's first bet up to a certain amount. For example, if a bookmaker offers a 100% matched free bet up to ₦36,000, a punter who places a ₦18,000 bet will receive an additional ₦18,000 in free bets. Matched free bets usually come with wagering requirements and minimum odds requirements.

Risk-Free Bets

Risk-free bets are bonuses that allow punters to place a bet without risking their own naira. If the bet doesn't come through, the bookie will refund the punter's stake in the form of free bets. Risk-free bets usually come with terms and conditions, including maximum stake limits and minimum odds requirements.

Enhanced Odds

Enhanced odds are bonuses that offer higher odds than the regular odds for a particular event. For instance, if the regular odds for the Super Eagles to win are 2.0, an enhanced odds bonus may offer odds of 3.0 for the same team to win. Enhanced odds bonuses usually come with terms and conditions, including maximum stake limits and minimum odds requirements.


How to Get Free Bets Bonus from an eSports Bookmaker

To get a free bets bonus from an eSports bookmaker, follow these steps:

  • Register an account with the bookmaker by providing your personal details, such as name, address, and date of birth.
  • Verify your account by providing the bookmaker with a copy of your ID and a proof of address, such as a NEPA bill.
  • Make a qualifying deposit, if required, to claim the free bets bonus.
  • Activate the free bets bonus by following the bookmaker's instructions, which may include placing a qualifying bet or entering a bonus code.
  • Use the free bets bonus to place bets on your favorite eSports events, following the bookmaker's terms and conditions.

Other Types of eSports Bonuses You Can Look At

As you delve into the world of online gambling and betting, you'll soon realize that there is a plethora of enticing bonuses awaiting your discovery. Let's delve into two exceptional offers right away:

Bonus Codes

One thrilling way to get extra rewards at betting shops is through bonus codes. These codes are like secret combinations to open a chest full of bonuses and promotions. Usually provided by the betting platform itself, bonus codes can be found on the official NaijaBet website or received via promotional emails. The process is as simple as ABC – punters input the given bonus code into a specific field during registration or deposit, and just like that! They unlock a broad range of bonuses, such as free bets, money-back offers, or even exclusive tournaments.

No Deposit Bonus

A particularly attractive bonus category is the no deposit bonus. As the name implies, this type of bonus doesn't require players to deposit any of their own Naira. Instead, it serves as a risk-free introduction to the sportsbook, allowing players to test the waters without committing their hard-earned money. Although no deposit bonuses are often on the smaller side compared to deposit-based bonuses, they provide an excellent opportunity to get a feel for the gaming environment. Keep in mind, however, that they typically come with stringent wagering requirements and withdrawal limits, which means you may need to meet certain criteria before cashing out any potential winnings. Nevertheless, they remain a fantastic option for those looking to dip their toes into the world of online gaming without financial commitment.

Bonus Codes


Free bets are a great way to try out online sportsbooks without risking your own Naira. However, it is important to choose the right betting site for playing. eSportsRanker is a leader in the betting industry and after taking many factors into account we ranked and rated the brands. We will be reviewing the ranking in the future to ensure we recommend the right brands.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

What is the Free Bets bonus for eSports betting?

Free Bets is a type of bonus that allows punters to place bets without risking their own money. This bonus is often offered as a welcome gift or a promotion for existing players. The value of the free bet differs based on the site and the promotion, much like the difference in price between a bowl of Jollof rice at a local buka and a high-end restaurant.

How do I claim the Free Bets bonus for eSports betting?

To claim the Free Bets bonus, you need to register for an account with the platform that offers the bonus. Once you have created an account, you will need to make a deposit and place a bet on an eligible eSports event, perhaps a popular game like FIFA or League of Legends. The free bet will be credited to your account once the bet has been settled.

What are the terms and conditions of the Free Bets bonus for eSports betting?

The terms and conditions of the Free Bets bonus vary depending on the platform and the promotion. Some platforms require punters to use the free bet within a certain time frame, while others may have restrictions on the types of bets that can be placed with the free bet. In Nigeria, it's common to see restrictions on betting on certain popular eSports like FIFA or League of Legends. It is important to read the terms and conditions carefully before claiming the bonus.

Can I cash out my winnings from the Free Bets bonus for eSports betting?

Yes, you can cash out your winnings from the Free Bets bonus once you have met the wagering requirements. The wagering requirements vary depending on the platform and the promotion, but they generally require punters to place a certain number of bets or to stake a certain amount of money before they can cash out their winnings.

Is the Free Bets bonus for eSports betting available to all players?

The Free Bets bonus is typically available to new players who register for an account with the site that offers the bonus. Some promotions may also be available to existing players. However, the availability of the bonus may be limited in certain states or regions within Nigeria. It is crucial to check the terms and conditions of the promotion to see if you are eligible to claim the bonus.