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The Masters Tour is one of the biggest esports tournaments based around Hearthstone. It is organized by Blizzard, the developer of the game itself. It is therefore the most high-profile championship for this title. Every year, a large number of individual matches occur to determine the overall winner. These are in-person tournaments that take place in front of a live crowd. The Tour is played all around the globe in a range of world-class venues. During the 2019 leg of the Masters, some matches took place in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Prize pools total at least $25,000 per match. Interestingly, the Hearthstone player community can contribute to this prize pool by purchasing limited edition online bundles. Each bundle sold adds money to the pot for champions to fight for.

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About Hearthstone

If someone were to make a list of esports tournaments focused on Hearthstone, they would be surprised by the wide range of events. However, the Masters Tour stands out due to its scale. Around 300 players take part. The majority of them will have competed in a qualifying match beforehand. If they do well they will end up getting an invite to the Masters. The impressive monetary rewards have attracted the most skillful Hearthstone players in the world.

For punters to make good predictions on esports tournaments, they have to know enough about the game being played. It is therefore important to do some basic research on Hearthstone. It was developed by the company Blizzard Entertainment as a spin-off of their popular World of Warcraft franchise. This online card game was released as a free-to-play title. Doing so helped to attract a large number of players.

It was originally given the name Heroes of Warcraft due to the fact that it belongs to the universe of this iconic fantasy series. Many of the same places, relics, and characters are featured on the digital collectible cards. Like a lot of esport titles it supports cross-platform play. This means that players can challenge each other on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

The team behind Hearthstone focused on avoiding many of the common issues found within the digital card genre. For example, opponents are unable to perform moves when it is the player's turn. Gamblers will need to take this into account when before placing a wager. Currently around 100 million people enjoy this game. It, therefore, makes sense that Hearthstone has attracted the attention of the online esports betting community.

Hearthstone game rules

Before sitting down to watch Hearthstone esport online tournaments it is a good idea to study the fundamental rules. The standard gameplay mode is a one-on-one match. This could either be casual or ranked. The former is much more relaxed. Meanwhile the latter requires players to compete in a tiered ranking system.

The gameplay is turn-based. The players select a hero that belongs to one of ten unique classes. Each one will have its own special abilities. This is where early strategy plays a key role. The players use a deck of cards to try to reduce their opponents' health until it reaches zero. Playing a card will use up mana. The mana cost will vary from card to card. As a result budgeting is a key component of Hearthstone.

Card types include: spell, minion, hero and weapon. The cards can vary in rarity and are ranked from epic to basic. Occasionally Blizzard will release new expansions. However, during a tournament, the decks tend to be more basic in order to give each champion a level playing field. The player is timed during their turn. This helps to speed up matches.

The Masters Tour's winning teams

Since this is one of the biggest esport tournaments focused on Hearthstone, the competitors are highly skilled. A large number of the highest performing ones come from the European Union. However, there are also several top teams that hail from the USA, China, Japan and Canada.

Esport championships such as the Masters Tour require each team member to work together as a unit. It is important that punters look out for groups that are known for their strategy. Hearthstone is a cerebral type of game. This is in contrast to other esports that are more focused on quick reflexes and accuracy.

The best Hearthstone teams will be skilled at mathematics. This is due to the fact that mana budgeting is the key to attaining a win. They also need to have extensive knowledge of all of the card packs. Doing so will help them to pick out ones that give them an edge over their opponent.

The following ten teams are currently considered the best within this tournament:

  • T1
  • Team Love u Lots
  • Fogsail Freebooters
  • RDU's Team
  • StrifeCro/Kolento
  • Orange/Freakah
  • Luminosity
  • Team Pog Champ
  • Invictus Gaming
  • Southsea Swashbucklers

Biggest moments

The Masters Tour is considered by many to be one of the best esports tournaments out there. This is due to the number of iconic moments that have taken place over the years. For example, during a match between Kalaxz and W.E. Stone, the latter managed to break the former's winning streak. He achieved this by utilizing Brain Freeze attacks.

The player Badajimpom is well known within Hearthstone esport leagues. In one memorable game, he used his signature deck, the Quest Warrior to pull off an impressive victory. It stands out as one of the best matches of the 2021 Tour. However, that same year the player went up against an undefeated challenger, WEYuansu. This opponent used a Brute Demon Hunter card pack to great effect. Whilst on the ropes he pulled out a Triple Brute. This proved to be too powerful for Badajimpom.

When Furyhunter and VKmsbc challenged each other it ended up being one of the most stressful games of the Masters Tour. Furyhunter was extremely close to being knocked out of this semi-final game. However, after pulling out a surprise Kindling Elemental card he secured a place in the grand finals.

Where and how to bet on The Masters Tour

There are many online esport betting sites out there. Hearthstone is a fairly mainstream video game. Therefore it will not be difficult to find a bookie that caters to this type of market. When betting on esport tournaments it is important to choose the right kind of wager. Picking an outright winner tends to be the most popular. This is because most matches will pit two gamers against each other.

There is an abundance of possible cards that the player could put down. Consequently, the punter must know the decks that each competitor favors. That way they can compare the two opposing decks and analyze which one has the edge. It is also wise to stay informed about new deck updates. Blizzard releases these regularly. If gamblers do not research recent cards it can place gaps in their knowledge of the game.

Many people wait until the semis or finals before wagering on the Masters Tour. In the meantime, they can watch earlier matches and look out for any strong players. This is the ideal strategy for anyone who wants to make the most insightful bets possible.

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