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The Honor of Kings esports tournament World Cup attracts top tier talent from across the globe. Featuring the wildly popular Honor of Kings video game by Tencent, the esports online tournament showcases the game’s market dominance. Beginning as a title marketed exclusively to the Chinese, the title has branched out to a worldwide audience. Honor of Kings now enjoys a 100 million gamer base.

As the sixth Champion Cup series for the title, the 2021 event offered a prize pool of 50,000,000 CNY. Since 2016, the championship tournament has captured the imagination and excitement of fans by introducing the world’s best gamers to the title’s prolific and expanding fan base.

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Arena of Valor

Logistical challenges surrounding the pandemic in China forced officials to reschedule the event. By August 2021, Arena of Valor and Honor of Kings announced an esports apex, as both scenes merge together at the AWC 2022 in a single world cup event. The highly anticipated Arena of Valor event in 2022 will bring both of the game’s fan bases together. Fans can expect the game developer to introduce exciting new updates for AoV. According to Tencent Games, the organizer expects a balanced and fair competition.

As a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game, Honor of Kings has captured the hearts of fans and esports leagues across the globe. Initially, the game’s developers focused on reaching Chinese populations. After creating an expansive multi-million player base, the game creator adapted the original game, calling the adaptation “Arena of Valor.” Although AoV followed Honor of Kings structure, it also found its own fan following, reaching millions across the world. The main difference in the two games is the variation in heroes.

For AoV, creators developed heroes specifically for the Western market. In 2017, Honor of Kings enjoyed more than 80 million active players daily and 200 million active players monthly, catapulting the title into the world’s more popular game. That year, the title grossed in excess of $13.4 billion, making it the highest grossing game available on mobile in the world. By 2020, the game enjoyed more than 200 million active players daily, and the numbers continue to climb.

Honor of Kings

In HoK, two teams battle against each other to destroy the core building at the center of the enemy’s encampment. Opposing forces stand in the way of the enemy’s advances. Teams must dominate the map by gathering enough forces prevail. Players may unlock abilities by accumulating experience, which allows a gamer to upgrade their powers. In addition, players gather gold to fashion shop items or buy new champions to help win the battle. The team that destroys the opponents forces and destroys its camp wins the match.

Game Modes

Gamers compete in a 5v5 format, and each player assumes a role of one of the champion characters. After choosing champions to control, teams work together to defeat the enemy, destroy its core, and win the match. The game differs from other popular MOBA titles in that its only available on Android and iOS.

Winning teams and biggest moments


In the past, the Honor of Kings Championship Cup brought together multiple teams comprised of the world’s best players to compete for millions in prize money in the biggest esports tournaments. Hosting two divisions, the winners advanced to the playoffs. At that point, single elimination rounds led to the final battle to determine who reigned victorious. Here are some of the most successful teams who compete professionally in major esports tournaments.

Oiao Gu Reapers

Qiao Gu Reapers is one of the top esports teams in the Honor of Kings market with a top tier coaching and gaming staff. Winning more than $4 million in prize money at the best esports tournaments, the team is recognized as one of the best in the business. The team is affiliated with Chinese esports group Newbee.

eStar Gaming

eStar Gaming is a China-based pro esports club in China. Founded by Sun Liwei, a famous Chinese professional e-sports player, the club focuses on esports championships. Originally, the esports team played storm heroes but diversified to other games for operational reasons. Since 2014, the team has won King of Glory championship. In 2019, eStar won a seat bid for the LoL pro league.

Turnso Gaming

Weibo Turnso Gaming is owned by the Weibo social media platform in China. The esports organization competes on at professional Arena of Valor matches and tournaments. The team has won more than $2 million in tournament winnings.

Rogue Warriors

From 2017-2021, Rogue Warriors has competed in professional esports tournaments, winning more than $1 million in prize money. Owned by ASUS ROG, the team is one of the most well respected esports groups on the circuit. Rogue Warriors is successful competing against Honor of Kings top tier players.

Betting sites

Honor of Kings is not just popular in gaming. Bettors also flock to sportsbooks to wager on favorite teams and players. There are a number of online bookmakers that provide betting odds on esports tournaments, such as the World Championship Cup for Honor of Kings.

Betting strategies

Betting on esports tournaments is similar to betting on other sports games. It’s crucial for a gambler to research the game, understand the rules, and stay up to date on the players. Licensed sportsbooks often offer historical win and loss records. However, additional research may help a bettor make an informed decision while wagering money. Championship teams often trade players, like professional sports teams. Viewing or reading esports news gives a bettor insight into roster changes, which may impact a team’s ability to win the tournament.

Smart wagering means setting a budget, based upon anticipated wins. While no one wants to prepare to lose, attempting to chase losses often leads to more loss. By budgeting the money, a player knows exactly how much he is spending and on which teams, players, or outcomes. Generally, smart, safe betting helps a gambler to avoid addiction.

Addiction warning signs include erratic behaviors, such as an inability to quite wagering money. Esports is an exciting market, and betting on esports can also give a participant an emotional high. Winning is particularly satisfying, prompting the player to continue wagering to attempt to recapture the reward. A betting plan based upon research and analysis, is more likely to produce winning results. However, for gamblers who lose, take heart. Perform additional research and return to win another day.

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