March 24, 2022

What to Know about the Dota Spring Update

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Since its release in 2013, Dota 2 has become a popular title within the online esports betting community. The website EsportRanker contains plenty of information about gambling on this title. The multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game has been utilized in a range of pro leagues and tournaments. This includes the iconic Dota International, which takes place annually to a great amount of media attention.

What to Know about the Dota Spring Update

The game's developer, Valve, regularly manages the Dota Pro Circuit. A series of match tournaments take place where players attempt to earn enough qualification points to make it to the International. A crowdfunded prize pool accruing millions of dollars is given out to those who excel at the International. 

As a result, esport betting sites have become very interested in Dota 2. It has begun to receive the same level of media coverage as more traditional sporting events. Online betting fans can watch the International live on television or online streaming apps.

A New Announcement

It is important that the gambler gains enough insight before placing a wager. First and foremost they need to play the game themselves. If so then they can better understand how new updates will affect esport gaming. For example, new perks, weapons or maps might end up swaying a match in a particular player's favor.

Valve announced yet another update to Dota 2 in time for Spring 2022. There are brand new quests, treasures to find and rewards for guild members. If betting fans want to stay informed on this title it is wise to study the update carefully. That way they can apply their recent knowledge to their esport betting.

Details Of The Update

Personalizing a character is a big part of Dota 2. The update provides several new emoticons, sprays and chat wheels. In order to unlock select ones the player has to be on a silver, gold or platinum guild tier.

Those with a battle pass can enjoy assistant features. This includes a handy rune spawn indicator and neutral item upgrade recommendations to make the game easier to play. The latter perk means that players can find items that will most suit their character type. Therefore, their chances of winning a match can be increased.

If players are interested in attaining the Spring 2022 Seasonal Treasure then they can purchase it using shards. The treasure is only available to those on Dota Plus. It includes a variety of items for the following:

  • Omniknight
  • Anti-Mage
  • Lion
  • Axe
  • Death Prophet
  • Winter Wyvern
  • Kunkka
  • Grimstroke

Additionally there is a chance of unlocking Leafy, the Seadragon courier. They are useful for players who utilize kinetic and prismatic gems regularly.

If that was not enough there are also Dota Plus quests to enjoy. This will aid players in shoring up their shard stash. In fact, throughout the Spring season there are up to 115,200 shards available. It will be particularly appealing for anyone on the lookout for new relics.

What Does The Update Mean For Dota 2 Betting?

The announcement of the Spring season is more than just a way to keep players interested in the game. It could also give gamblers a range of esport betting tips. For example, they can see which guilds have earned platinum perks. This will give them an idea of which teams have the highest ranks. If they end up playing on the professional Dota circuit then the gambler can utilize their newfound insight.

Furthermore, if the rune spawn indicator is included in professional competitions it could change the nature of matches significantly. The upgrade recommendations perk would help to save players time by automating their choices. As a consequence gamblers would have to take these variables into account before placing a bet. The winning team or player may end up being one that favors quick reflexes over tactics.

The more players a game attracts the more attention it will also gain from esport bookmakers. Dota 2 is already a very popular title and one that is featured on a plethora of bookie sites. If the Spring update is highly successful it could increase this popularity even further. As a consequence gamblers will be able to find a greater number of markets focused on Dota.

Should People Skip This Season?

It may be tempting for betting fans to ignore the Spring update and focus on other high profile esports. After all, the Dota International does not take place until Summer/Autumn. However, the more a gambler understands about Dota the more likely they will be at placing a winning wager.

Therefore it is wise to analyze the ways that the Spring update will change the nature of the game. Even small tweaks can have a big impact in the long run. They could cause professionals to change their tactics or lose an important edge.

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