September 15, 2022

Latest Betting News on StarCraft II

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TeamLiquid StarLeague9

The TeamLiquid StarLeague9 competition for StarCraft II was announced in June 2022. These events will begin on July 29 and last through September 4. They will take place online and offline at Team Liquid's training facility. After the initial online tournament, the top 12 competitors will be flown to the Netherlands to participate offline at Team Liquid's Training Facility.

Latest Betting News on StarCraft II

StarLeague9 has a double-elimination bracket with 32 players. Bo3 matches will be played in the Winners Bracket Rounds 1 and 2, Winners Quarterfinals, and Losers Bracket Rounds 1 through 5. Bo5 matches are played in the winner's semifinal, losers' quarterfinal, and losers' semifinal.

Bo7 matches will be played for the Winners Final and Losers Final. Similarly, Bo7 grand finals will be played, with the winner of the winners' bracket starting with a 1-0 advantage. Teams will compete for a prize pool worth USD 40,000, with winners receiving $14,000. StarCraft enthusiasts can find the tournament odds at popular online esports betting sites.

Global StarCraft II League Season 3: Code S 2022

Legacy of the Void version of the game will be featured in the offline event in South Korea. Teams will compete for a USD 123,000 prize pool, with the winners taking home $30,000. While the third and fourth-place teams receive $9,000 each, the runners-up receive $12,000. The competition will take place from August 22 until October 13.

All Group Stage 1's Dual Tournament Format games are Bo3 contests. The top two players from every group will qualify for Group Stage 2, which is a Round Robin Bo3 matchup. Each group's top-finishing player goes to the playoff semifinals. Each group's second and third-place finishers proceed to the Round of 6.

The overall match difference, the game's difference, and head-to-head are used to break ties. If there is still a tie, the participants' cumulative Match victories and their differences on the tied participants' maps will be considered. A tie-breaker match and a coin flip are the only remaining methods of breaking a tie.

The 2022 GSL Super Tournament 2 will seed its Semifinalists. The upcoming ESL Pro Tour 2022–23 Masters Atlanta has been seeding for the top six finishers. The event's winner is guaranteed a berth at IEM Katowice 2023.

How to Bet on the Upcoming StarCraft2 Events

Typical game-winner is the most popular kind of StarCraft 2 betting possibilities that may be found at esport betting sites. The idea is as straightforward as they come. Players choose the contestant they believe will prevail. When one is a beginner, they need to stick with that method because it's the simplest until they understand how everything else functions.

Correct Score

The most popular StarCraft 2 betting sites provide correct score bets for best-of matches. These bets carry a fair amount of risk but have a good payout. However, as bettors have to predict the precise score of a particular match correctly, they should not stake a lot of money in them.

Maps Total Over/Under

Total maps over/under are more favorable bettor’s style if correct score bets are too dangerous for them. Individuals only need to guess the total number of maps played for these wagers; rather than predicting the final score. The contest will either end with two or three maps, and the bookies will give players a rough estimate, say 3, where players can make a prediction of over 3 or under 3.


Starcraft 2 is a 1v1 game making accumulators a fantastic choice for high-risk, high-reward bets. This bet is a great choice for players with the objective of making money betting on StarCraft 2. However, one will need to be familiar with the ins and outs of the current competitive landscape through esport betting tips available online. Players have an advantage when betting on SC2 because of these tips.

Since multiple matches are available almost constantly, individuals may quickly tie together a few bets to achieve a significant multiplier. The odds of winning the ticket decrease significantly with each subsequent bet. Fortunately, winning a five-fold accumulator with good odds will be worthwhile.

Why is Starcraft2 Betting Popular?

The foundation of StarCraft 2's appeal resides in its gameplay elements. The game is one of the most competitive and evenly matched esports games ever. The RTS that started the esports movement and is still going strong today, even though the esports community has shifted its focus to other genres, is the king of all RTS games.

Although top-tier competitions may be found worldwide, South Korea is where the game is most popular. StarCraft 2 is well-known in the online esports betting community and is popular with esports bettors.

The game's primary objective is to build a base with various structures around hubs made up of mineral and gas deposits. To spend on creating army troops and developing more complex facilities, which provide access to more powerful units, players collect minerals and gas. 

The ultimate objective is for a player to utilize their units to destroy the opponent's base and units while guarding against the same fate happening to their side.

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