March 10, 2022

Dota 2 New DPC Season Kicks Off

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Dota 2 fans worldwide are in for yet another exciting year as the new season of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) kicks off. The season of the Valve began on November 29, 2021. It will see Dota 2 teams go up against each other in regional leagues, searching for a ticket to The International (TI).

Dota 2 New DPC Season Kicks Off

The new season takes the same format as the 2021 season. Rather than having teams invited to TI, winners of the regional leagues by the number of points will qualify directly. However, small changes will see the number of tournaments increased to offer more teams a chance of qualification. There will be three majors, three regional competitions, and one last-ditch competition for teams that fall just outside the qualifying slots.

What to expect in the New Season

Players now have yet another chance to prove their regional superiority when they battle it out with teams in their region. Fans also have the opportunity to follow, support, or even bet on Dota 2 teams. Teams that have missed out on registration are now time-barred.

New Battle Pass

Valve has added an extra one to make them two passes in the new season, where fans and players only get one each year. This is a response to the pandemic that saw the last edition of The International being postponed. This will come as a welcome tweak for lovers of the largely popular competition. 

The new pass will be released for the regional editions of the season. The pass will grant teams access to lots of nice stuff twice during the season. The usual cosmetics, bells, and whistles will be available.

Additionally, fantasy play will be more frequent throughout the season. Using Valve fantasy cards, players can choose weekly rosters. These will be used to collect points that increase the chances of getting sweeter and bigger rewards with the battle pass.

Tighter competition

With the expanded qualification pool, there will be more competitive teams in the new season. The last season was won by Team Spirit, an outfit that was largely viewed as an underdog and outsider. This season, the giants who feel to the eventual winners will be out to make a statement. This makes the games even more exciting for fans.

Restricted attendance

While the world seemed to be coming out of the pandemic limitations, the discovery of new variants means tournament organizers must put in place more safety measures. The capacity of people going to the venues will be significantly reduced. Proof of vaccination might be a necessity in some places.

That said, the Dota 2 leagues should offer reprieve at a time when the pandemic is keen to spread gloom. Besides the $280,000 prizes up for grabs in each region, the thrill of watching teams battle each other is something to look out for in every region. Fans may also opt to follow some of the games online to reduce incidences of physical contact.

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