Top Smite Betting Sites 2024

Smite is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) where players team up within a mythological setting. It takes place in a world where the Gods from many different cultures fight for dominance. Within the standard conquest mode each team is made up of 5 members. They must utilize their various abilities and tactics in order to fight opposing teams and NPC minions.

If gamblers look hard enough they will find an esports betting app that includes Smite. In the past this would have been practically impossible. However things have begun to change. The game is now available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. This has expanded its new player intake. As a result more people are interested in wagering on Smite tournaments. Each God has four different abilities. These can include area damage, buffing or crowd control. As the player gains experience during the match these traits can be upgraded. Gods are able to reach the maximum level of 20. Gold is used to purchase items to increase power and defense. It is earned by slaying enemies or selling items.

Top Smite Betting Sites 2024
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What makes Smite distinctive?

There are many MOBAs out there. However, Smite sets itself apart thanks to its third person display. This is a refreshing take on the genre that typically favors a top down look. As a result players feel a greater sense of immersion in the game.

All of the standard tropes of this game type are present. They include clearly defined team roles, character build creation and ultimate abilities. However, these mechanics are set within a narrative that appeals to a wide range of people. Mythology is a very popular theme. It has continued to find greater appeal thanks to blockbuster hits such as God of War and Assassins Creed. Smite players can take control of their favorite Gods and learn about new ones.

Betting on Smite

There are plenty of esport betting sites that offer wagering on iconic MOBAs such as League of Legends. However, gamblers might have difficulty finding one that caters to Smite fans. It is best to look for these markets on niche fantasy game bookmaker sites. They will have a better chance during the annual Smite World Championship. Punters can make their predictions for which team will end up on top. They could also focus on individual players by betting on a potential MVP.

Awareness of the game by bookmakers increased in 2015 when it was released on the Xbox One console. This made it one of the first MOBAs to expand from PC to console gaming. It continues to grow at a rapid rate. As a result it seems likely that it will become even more well known amongst esport betting communities.

Within a competitive setting Smite is played in 5v5 matches. Gamblers need to pick the team with the most cohesion. Each member will have a specific role. This will include AD Carry, Jungler, Mid, Solo or Support. Rounds can often be chaotic with a high emphasis on action. However, winning teams also tend to employ tactics to overcome their opponents.

Why is Smite popular?

The key to the popularity of Smite is its innovative display choices. The fact that players can access content for free has also led to a healthy amount of new users. Hi-Rez Studios continues to update the game and allow fans to have their say online. The gameplay is not overly complicated. It is very similar to many other examples of MOBA. These types of esport games are also popular with gamblers because they are exciting to watch and it can be fairly easy to predict a potential winner.

Internet community

Smite manages to unite two communities together. The first is fans of MOBAs who are looking for something fresher. The second is those who enjoy learning about the ancient mythologies of different cultures. The company behind Smite encourages players to be active on their online forums.

Playing esports online

There is no single player mode for Smite. Instead every round involves connecting with friendly and rival players online. Other games in this genre tend to have communication issues. Luckily Smite has a very impressive text chat system. Users are able to select from a list of specific phrases so that the team can collaborate together.

Big esports players

Whilst Smite is certainly a team focused game there are several professional individuals who have come to the attention of gamblers. Some of the biggest names people have placed wagers on (and their roles) include:

  • MLCSt3alth (Mid lane)
  • Yammyn (Mid lane)
  • emilitoo (Hunter)
  • Venenu (Mid lane)
  • Cyno (Jungler)
  • sam4soccer2 (Jungler)
  • NeilMah (Support)
  • Jarcorrr (Solo lane)

Why is the game loved by players?

The main reason for the success of Smite is its third person vantage point. This makes it stand out from other genre titles that traditionally opt for a top down display. There is also a bright and colorful art style coupled with a decent range of modes. Smite is free to play and for a fair fee players gain access to both current and future DLCs.

How to play it

The first thing the player needs to do is decide what team role they want to play. This will affect the God character that they will end up controlling. Once a match starts the 5 players work together to battle their opponents and defend territory. Throughout the match there are opportunities to purchase new abilities and upgrades.

Biggest Smite teams

The following teams have each won the Smite World Championship. Therefore gamblers will want to keep an eye out for them when seeking out a wager:

  • COGnitive Prime
  • Epsilon eSports
  • NRG eSports
  • eUnited
  • Splyce
  • SK Gaming
  • Pittsburgh Knights
  • Atlantis Leviathans

Smite World Cup

Since 2015 the Smite World Championship (SWC) has taken place on an annual basis. It invites 10 of the best teams from North America, South America, China and Europe to compete for a US$2.6 million (and rising) prize pool. This esports world cup is fairly similar to ones seen in more traditional types of sports. The tournament format involves a double elimination placement stage followed by a round of single elimination knockouts.

North American teams tend to dominate. Ones headquartered in Great Britain and Germany have also done well in recent years. In 2022 Jarcorrr of the Atlantis Leviathans team was singled out as the most valuable player.

When Hi-Rez Studios first hosted the tournament it was relatively small. Since then it has attained a higher level of recognition within the gambling industry. This has been increased as the prize pool continues to become more lucrative. These high stakes have caused more esport betting sites to take notice. The fairly small number of teams also means that punters have a better chance of picking a winner. Those wanting to watch this eSport world cup live can do so using online streaming apps.

Smite betting providers

This is not the kind of game that will usually be found on a mainstream bookmaker. Despite having a growing popularity Smite is more of a cult game. This means that gamblers will need to seek out niche websites. The best esport betting sites will offer a large range of titles to gamble on. If they contain a wide selection of markets then Smite might be one of them.

It may be time consuming to look for a provider that features this game. The search can be narrowed down by focusing on ones that emphasize multiplayer online battle arena games. New markets may also open up when the Smite Pro League and Smite Console League start. Therefore gamblers should keep an eye on when these tournaments will occur.

The best providers will offer a decent selection of gambling options for this type of game. Wagering options such as predicting the winning team and highest placed player are popular. However, the punter may want to opt for more specific ones. Examples can include betting on the exact circumstances of a round win or the number of kills in a match.

Follow notable teams

If gamblers wish to gain an edge and bet more accurately then it is worth following the best teams within this esport community. The aforementioned winners of the Smite World Championship are ideal ones to keep an eye on. The best teams will also tend to stream their matches. This gives punters the opportunity to better understand their strengths and weaknesses. It is also wise to analyze each individual player. Since every team member has a specific role gamblers will know which set of criteria to judge them on.

  • Junglers should be good at quickly dispatching large amounts of minions.
  • An AD Carry has to survive most of the game with weaker stats before carrying the team to victory during the later stages.
  • A Mid needs to provide plenty of support when they are needed.
  • Solos provide assistance during team fights and goal completions. They therefore have to be fairly versatile.
  • As the name suggests a Support player helps out the others so that the team can be as successful as possible.

Once gamblers know the roles that each player has it will help them know what makes the best kind of pro team.

Pros and Cons


  • The colorful and fun display will appeal to a wide range of gamblers.
  • Those interested in mythology are sure to get a lot out of the game.
  • The team behind the game are regularly updating it in order to keep it as balanced as possible.
  • The variety of different Gods keeps matches interesting.
  • Smite is a refreshing take on the genre.


  • The action of matches can become fairly chaotic. Therefore gamblers who prefer more straightforward esport games may feel overwhelmed and confused.
  • Since Smite came out in 2012 some people may find the game engine to be somewhat outdated.
  • In order to understand the game better gamblers could choose to play it. The problem is it takes a long time to learn the ins and outs of it.
  • The emphasis on balance means that it can be hard to determine which God character has the biggest chance of winning.
  • The game is not designed for players who want a solo experience.

Understanding Smite betting odds

There are a number of variables that will affect the odds of a Smite bet. The most relevant factor will be the nature of the wager itself. For example, predicting an outright winner will have very different odds to gambling on the next structure takedown or kill.

The top esport betting site will offer people a decent range of wagering options for Smite. Punters may encounter a number of different odds options. American odds are most common on US bookmaker sites. These are represented by using a + and - sign. The former represents the underdog, whilst the latter represents the most likely winner.

Smite gamblers might also notice fractional odds. They display the amount of potential winnings in the form of a fraction. For example, if the person manages to win a bet with 5/1 odds their earnings will be five times that of the amount that they wagered.

There are also numerous sites that may offer decimal odds on Smite games. These are similar to fractional ones but use a decimal point instead. If someone wagered $15 on a Smite game with 2.0 odds then their winnings would be doubled to $30.

Smite betting tips & tricks

When it comes to this kind of esports betting knowledge is power. The more a gambler knows about Smite the higher the likelihood of them placing a winning wager. It is therefore wise to keep up to date on new developments by following Smite players and the company behind the game on social media.

Gamblers can also play Smite themselves. This will make them aware of the release of new God packs that could end up changing the dynamics of future tournaments. An edge can also be gained by understanding key concepts. These include K/D/A (Kills/Deaths/Assists), gold per minute and player assists.

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