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Spacial Rend vs. Roar of Time: Pokémon Go Adventure Effects Compared

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Whether you learned about these moves from previous Pokémon games or were introduced to them in Pokémon Go thanks to their Go Tour: Adventure Effects, Spacial Rend and Roar of Time are powerful tools for Legendary Pokémon. But which move should you pick if given the option?

Spacial Rend vs. Roar of Time: Pokémon Go Adventure Effects Compared

Spacial Rend vs. Roar of Time: Pokémon Go Adventure Effects compared and explained

Spacial Rend:

  • Cost: 5,000 Stardust and five Palkia Candy
  • Effect: Distorts space for 10 minutes to increase the encounter area for wild Pokémon.
  • Trainer Battle: 95 Power Dragon-type Charged Attack
  • Gym and Raid Battles: 160 Power Dragon-type Charged Attack

Roar of Time:

  • Cost: 5,000 Stardust and five Dialga Candy
  • Effect: Distorts time for six minutes, allowing players to pause timers on items like Incense, Daily Adventure Incense, Lucky Eggs, and Star Pieces. Can be stacked for two hours at a time, up to 24 hours, using more Stardust and Dialga Candy.
  • Trainer Battle: 150 Power Dragon-type Charged Attack
  • Gym and Raid Battles: 160 Power Dragon-type Charged Attack

While Spacial Rend and Roar of Time are exclusive moves known only by Palkia and Dialga respectively, you don’t need to limit yourself to just one—at least when it comes to having a Pokémon that knows them.

Here are the basic differences between the two compared directly so you know exactly what you are getting into. Just remember, at least during Go Tour: Sinnoh, you can almost guarantee an encounter with an Origin Forme Dialga or Origin Forme Palkia that knows its signature move if you pick the right path for the event’s Special Research.

Is Spacial Rend better in Pokémon Go?

Spacial Rend is the move you should pick if you are trying to make the most out of encounter-specific events or doing something like Shiny hunting.

Extended encounter range is useful in more general terms because it helps you find more Pokémon without needing to work as hard. For events like Community Day, this will let you grab more encounters during the limited time frame as you spam Poké Balls—and that also makes it more likely you will find a Shiny since you will go through more unique encounters. It might also provide relief for rural players who struggle to find encounters in certain areas around where they live.

In battle, Palkia’s Dragon/Water typing gives it an edge over Dialga when it comes to usefulness in type matchups but Spacial Rend deals less damage than Roar of Time. That is a trade-off you will need to deal with when making a moveset because the damage downgrade from something like Draco Meteor allows you to put more pressure on shields.

Is Roar of Time better in Pokémon Go

Roar of Time is the ultimate grinding tool if you are good at planning out when to use items like Lucky Eggs and Incense to boost the XP or Stardust you get. If you time things out properly, you can extend your Lucky Egg evolution extravaganzas or Stardust grinds for two hours at a time, making it easier than ever to things done without using multiple items.

This is also a great chance to extend Daily Adventure Incense easily, allowing you to hunt for rare encounters featured within the daily mechanic. If you have failed to catch the Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos, or Galarian Moltres, this Adventure Effect might become your new best friend as you continue to track them down.

Dialga might be a bit more situational in battles but Roar of Time is an upgrade to any moveset you can assign the Dragon/Steel-type. It punches a hole into pretty much anything you put in front of it as you tank hits in return.


Spacial Rend is better if you are hunting for more encounters and Roar of Time provides more utility if you are ready to grind XP or want to take advantage of items like Incense. They provide comparable benefits in battle, so your decision can be based entirely on the Adventure Effects or which Dragon-type Legendary you prefer.

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