February 13, 2024

Warzone Season Two Update: Weapon Balancing, Quality-of-Life Changes, and Bug Fixes

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Just under one week after the initial MW3 season two update, Raven Software released a small Warzone patch today that deals with weapon balancing, quality-of-life changes, and bug fixes.

Warzone Season Two Update: Weapon Balancing, Quality-of-Life Changes, and Bug Fixes

Weapon Adjustments

Season two’s short-range meta doesn’t have a clear favorite. The AMR9, RAM-9, HRM-9, and WSP-9 are all viable options and each offer their own benefits that differentiate them from other choices. The devs possibly added a new contender to the mix by reducing the Striker 9’s gun kick, hipfire spread, and increasing its bullet velocity.

The TAQ Evolvere had its movement speed increased and its rate of fire significantly decreased from 706 RPM to 500 RPM. Both changes hurt the LMG, but the 556 Belts magazine received a buff that bumps that rate of fire all the way up to 857 RPM, increases movement speed by 16 percent, and speeds up ADS times across the board.

Most Warzone players gravitate toward using the XRK Stalker after it became a one-shot sniper rifle in the most recent update, but the JAK Tyrant 762 conversion kit for the Longbow enters the conversation after its ADS time and movement speeds were improved. Lastly, the WSP Stinger will be harder to use after its gun kick got much worse.

Quality-of-Life Changes and Bug Fixes

Season two also introduced new quality-of-life changes, like faster health regeneration, new danger zone icons to indicate the area a Precision Airstrike or UAV will cover, and improved ground loot weapons so they can stand more of a chance in a gunfight against a loadout gun. The Feb. 13 update expands on that initial patch by addressing any loose ends.

The Warzone devs added a label to different modes indicating how long a match takes and introduced a new feature that makes it possible to stow or swap armor and ammunition when a backpack is full.

Additionally, an issue was resolved in Ranked Play Resurgence that showed an incorrect amount of SR awarded for some challenges and fixed an issue that prevented SR challenges from showing a notification when completed.

Other key changes include a fix to the issue that allowed players to duplicate items while interacting with the backpack and a patch to the exploit that allowed players to remain in the gas indefinitely by combining the perk effects of the Irradiated and Quick Fix.


Warzone’s season two update brought significant changes to weapon balancing, quality-of-life improvements, and bug fixes. The short-range meta now offers multiple viable options, with the Striker 9 emerging as a potential contender. The TAQ Evolvere and 556 Belts magazine received adjustments that impact their performance. The JAK Tyrant 762 conversion kit and XRK Stalker also saw improvements. The update also introduced quality-of-life changes, such as faster health regeneration and improved ground loot weapons. Bug fixes were implemented to address issues in Ranked Play Resurgence and prevent exploits. Overall, the update enhances gameplay and provides a more balanced and enjoyable experience for Warzone players.

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