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Unleash the Electrifying Power of Sparkit in Palworld

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Sparkit is a unique and valuable Pal in Palworld that is easy to catch and brings several benefits to your party and base. In this article, we will explore the key features of Sparkit and provide tips on how to catch and utilize this electrifying creature.

Unleash the Electrifying Power of Sparkit in Palworld

Identifying and Locating Sparkit

With its distinctive yellow striped body and fierce expression, Sparkit is easily recognizable in Palworld. It can be found early in the game and is typically at a low level, making it easy to weaken and capture. Sparkit's appearance may be enigmatic, but its presence in your party is sure to make an impact.

Key Qualities of Sparkit

One of Sparkit's standout qualities is its ability to generate electricity with a Power Generator. This makes it a valuable asset for powering various tasks in your base. Additionally, Sparkit possesses level one skills in transporting and handicraft, making it a versatile companion for your adventures.

Sparkit's Stats

Here are the important stats you need to know about Sparkit:

  • Element type: Electricity
  • Drops: Electric Organ
  • Work suitability: Generating electricity level one, Transporting level one, Handicraft level one
  • Partner skill: Static Electricity – Increases the attack power of Electric Pals while in a team
  • Food level: 2/10

Finding Sparkit

To locate Sparkit in Palworld, follow its heatmap. It is commonly found near the Desolate Church and in the beach area to the west of the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant Fast Travel point. Keep in mind that Sparkit often roams in groups, so be prepared to face multiple Sparkits at once.

Catching Sparkit

As an Electric type Pal, Sparkit is weak against Ground-type Pals. It is recommended to have a Ground Pal, such as Gumoss, in your party when encountering Sparkit. Ground type Pals have an advantage in capturing Sparkit. Pal Spheres or Mega Spheres can be used to capture Sparkit, with the blue Pal Sphere being sufficient in most cases. Avoid using Water Pals, as Sparkit's Electric type is strong against Water.


Sparkit is a valuable addition to any Palworld party. Its ability to generate electricity, versatile skills, and unique stats make it a must-have Pal. Follow the tips provided to locate and capture Sparkit, and unleash its electrifying power in your adventures.

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